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Terry Wingenroth

 Mr. Welch and Mr. Bryson's 7th grade students created group projects for the Science Fair. Community volunteers were recruited to judge the wide ranging collection of presentations.

Terry Wingenroth



And the winner is....... Isabella Thorn!! On Friday, January 14th, the annual National Geographic Geo Bee was held, pitting ten finalists against their fellow classroom champs from all three grade levels. Competing were 6th graders Felicity Lipchak, Seth Albright and Morgan Packard; 7th graders Thorn, Dylan Nason and Vance Plevyak; and Noelani Santana, Stella Bryson, Hunter Braithwaite and Rylee Young represented the 8th grade. After a hard fought battle with some tough questions, Isabella emerged victorious over runners up Young and Bryson. Ms. Thorn advances to the next level of competition: an online test, which could qualify her for the state bee. Geography prowess seems to run in the Thorn family, as older brother Ethan won the competition 3 times when he was a FFMS student! Congrats to Isabella!!

Terry Wingenroth

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